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Wider protection for all family members - whilst saving money. It must be a good idea!

Why you need it and why we give you more of it automatically with your LawCard Membership.

Most people relate the danger of suffering a non-fault accident to their use of the road system and pay extra to buy basic legal protection insurance with their motor insurance, (commonly called “Uninsured Loss Cover” or “ULR”), to protect against the costs of pursuing compensation should it happen to them.

If you become a LawCard Member with Accident Protect as a member benefit, you might want to carefully consider whether or not you need to pay for an additional ULR policy with your motor insurance.

Over 400,000 people a year still suffer a reportable road accident – that’s around 1 person every minute of every day of the year and it’s not just as a car driver that you are at risk of joining them - in fact 22% of casualties are pedestrians, 7% cyclists and less than 50% of the total injury count actually involves people who are injured whilst travelling in a car.

Many, many, more accidents happen which do not result in a reportable injury but which still cost those involved a great deal of physical pain, hard cash and heartache whilst they fight for compensation, repair costs, their insurance policy excess, hire car fees, lost earnings and suffer increased insurance premiums.

Everyone needs legal protection to be sure that they can afford to recover compensation if they or their family are involved in a non-fault accident where compensation can be claimed. Your policy with LawCard Membership covers all road traffic events regardless of whether you are a driver, pedestrian, cyclist or passenger in a vehicle or on public transport; plus the cover operates on a family basis, delivering protection not just to you as the member, but protection for all your resident family. It protects against over 50% more of the ways you or your family could be involved in a road accident than a standard Motor Uninsured Loss Recovery contract of the type commonly offered alongside your motor insurance does. We also provide cover for legal representation in compensation claims arising from most other types of non-fault personal injury you, or your family, could suffer whilst going about your daily lives – accidents in the street, whilst shopping, at work or school, walking, cycling, as a passenger on a bus or train and many other circumstances - something the standard cover attached to your motor insurance almost certainly will not do.

Remember, protection against the legal costs of pursuing a compensation claim is included within your LawCard membership and it extends to cover all the members of your family that live with you.

Wider protection for all family members - whilst saving money. It must be a good idea!

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