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Protecting your assets and your loved ones’ inheritance.

This benefit is exclusive to LawCard Plus and LawCard Assist Members.

LawCard Plus is only available to those who have made their Last Will & Testament and/or created a Trust with a member of the Legal Services Guild.

LawCard Assist is only available to those who create a Trust with one of our partner companies.

Making a Will identifies those that we want to receive the benefit of our assets after we have gone and using a Trust adds a great deal of certainty that our wishes will be respected.

However, whilst you can be confident that by using a member of the Legal Services Guild to create your legacy planning documents is the most robust way to protect against a challenge from an organisation or someone that believes they are entitled to part of your estate, you can’t prevent them from trying.

Legacy Protect includes a Legal Expenses Insurance policy that has been created by a Lloyds of London broker specifically for LawCard and the Legal Services Guild.

The reason this is so important is because being able to defend a challenge will incur legal fees. Also, the person, (Trustee) defending a Trust may be exposed to an ‘adverse costs order’, (having to pay the challenger’s legal fees) in the unlikely event that the defence is unsuccessful. This financial exposure can often result in the Trustee deciding not to defend the challenge.

Via LawCard Plus and LawCard Assist membership, the Legal Expenses Insurance is automatically attached to each legacy planning document and is designed to provide an Executor or Trustee with the financial wherewithal to not only address the legal defence fees but also the exposure to the other side’s costs.

In the event of a challenge, an experienced Barrister would be instructed to launch the defence and the insurance would give the Trustee(s) and/or Executors the confidence to proceed without the fear of personal financial exposure.

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