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Boosted for Plus Members.

Enhance your 24/7 support with access to your very own Digital Filing Cabinet. 

You can list, upload, download and store all your important documents. You can access these files whenever you wish, or your Trusted People can, should something happen to you in the future.

As well as storing documents, you can also record what you have, where it is, how your Trusted People can access it and set reminders, so you never forget a renewal date again.

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Boosted for Plus Members.

If you are a Plus  member your 24/7 support is boosted to include your very own Digital Filing Cabinet. 

An online platform which allows you to record what you have, where it is and how your trusted people can access it. 

With so much of our everyday lives now being paperless, and paper trails no longer existing in the way they used to, it is difficult for people to identify every account and asset that someone has. It is especially problematic when you also include our online accounts. In fact, a YouGov survey in 2015 found that over 50% of people wouldn’t be able to access the account of someone who had died. Documenting this information not only means that you have a record of it, but also that your most trusted people can access it at a time when it is needed.

The Filling Cabinet allows you to choose up to 4 trusted people to manage your account if something was to happen to you. The trusted people can be family, friends, loved ones or professionals. People the you have confidence in to carry out your wishes and act in your best interests when the time comes. Your trusted people will receive secure and unique trusted person log in details, allowing them access to your account only when needed.



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