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We all need legal advice at some point in our lives. You may need employment advice, have a consumer dispute or find yourself facing a motoring prosecution.

Whatever the scenario, you now have access to an experienced legal expert at a time that suits you.

Your LawCard membership provides you and your loved ones with access our Legal Helpline, there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Providing you with the peace of mind that no matter what life throws at you, we can provide you with the right person and expertise to deal with it.

In life, things sometimes go wrong and we all need support.  We can assist you with any legal problem, addressing the reality and many wider demands of modern life, including but not limited to:

Personal Injury
Support when any family member suffers a non-fault accident anywhere – a pedestrian, driver, cyclist, passenger.

Motor Prosecution
Legal action in respect of a motoring offence, arising from your use of a vehicle.

Consumer Disputes
Get the support you need to pursue a legal action following a breach of a contract you have for buying or renting goods or services for your private use.

Consumer Defence
Like Consumer Disputes, but it can work the other way too, if you’re selling the goods. Receive access to legal assistance if you must defend a legal action brought against you following a breach of a contract you have for selling your own personal goods.

Employment Disputes
Legal action brought before an employment tribunal against an employer or ex-employer for breach as an employee of your Contract of Employment, or legal rights under employment laws.

Criminal Prosecution
Legal action to defend a prosecution brought against you in a court of criminal jurisdiction.

Property Infringement
We can put you in touch with the correct expert for legal action for nuisance or trespass against the person or organisation infringing your legal rights in relation to your property.

Property Damage
Damages against a person or organisation that causes physical damage to your property.

Property Sale & Purchase
Legal action arising from a breach of a contract for the sale or purchase of your main home.

Personal ID Fraud
Defend your legal rights arising from Identity Fraud.

Vehicle Cloning
Defend a legal action arising from use of the identity of a vehicle owned by you by another person or organisation without your permission

School Admission
Defend a legal action in respect of a motoring offence, arising from your use of a vehicle.

The helpline team will listen to your situation, assess your needs and arrange for you to speak to the person that is best suited to your circumstance.

Boost your Benefits with Plus

Enhance your 24/7 support with access to your very own Digital Filing Cabinet.

You can list, upload, download and store all your important documents. You can access these files whenever you wish, or your Trusted People can, should something happen to you in the future.

As well as storing documents, you can also record what you have, where it is, how your Trusted People can access it and set reminders, so you never forget a renewal date again.

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