Dealing with the estate of someone who has died can be a real challenge. We can help you through.

If you have the task of administering someone’s estate, the first decision to be made is whether you instruct a professional to complete the whole process for you or do it yourself.

As a LawCard Member, free and without obligation, we will help you to work out what will be involved, how much work will be required and how long Probate is likely to take. You can then decide whether to do it yourself with the assistance of a free step-by-step guide, receive some assistance with the more complex areas, or allow us to arrange everything for you.

Your LawCard membership will provide three support options:

1. If you decide to complete Probate yourself, we will provide you with a free step-by-step guide, designed to demystify the process and give you an effective road map on how to complete the whole process.

2. If you decide that you need some assistance you have two options:

a) Executor Assist: An online platform that helps you apply for the Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration and includes a huge range of tools to complete the administration of an estate. Not only that, but it takes you through the 10 easy to manage steps which are required; starting from the immediate steps to take, guiding you through valuing the estate, advice on your financial and legal obligations, distributing the estate, all the way to the final administration tasks.

b) If you are prepared to complete some of the work yourself but wish for an expert to assist with the more complex areas, we will instruct an expert Legal Services Guild Member to provide the required assistance on a fixed fee basis.

You can use your £100 cashback voucher against the cost of either of these options.

3. If you decide that you just want to hand the whole process over to a professional, we can arrange that for you on a fixed fee basis with a Legal Services Guild Member. As a LawCard member you will receive a 10% discount on fees.

As with everything, we believe that our job is to make sure that you have the relevant information required to make an informed choice.

Boost your Benefits with Plus

Receive free access to Executor Assist, a saving of up to £995 per use.

We will help you through this challenging time by providing a platform, Executor Assist, containing the required tools to complete an Estate Administration; removing all the stress by walking you through the 10 easy to manage steps required.

Functionality includes:

Government forms produced securely and automatically

 50 pre-populated letter templates

 Estate accounts produced in accordance with the law in England & Wales

 Trusted links to expert services

 Jargon free advice & guidance

 Simple question & answer-based tool


Should you still wish to instruct a professional to take care of everything, your discount will be boosted to 20% off fees.

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